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Expansive Class Schedule


We understand that life is quite hectic, and that it is not always easy to get away for a workout. That’s why we offer many classes throughout the day, seven days a week – over 60 classes per week. You will also appreciate that we allow our members to attend as many classes as they would like, at no extra charge.

Our school is committed to teaching the complete system of Taekwon-do. This includes not only the kicks, punches, and strikes generally associated with the art, but also the sweeps, Ho Shin Sool (self-defense techniques), grappling techniques, integrated Taekwon-do sparring, and more. In this sense, our school is quite different from most of the Taekwon-do schools in the United States, which limit themselves to teaching only the sport version of Taekwon-do. By the time you become a black belt in our school, you will be trained in all aspects of Taekwon-do.


Regularly scheduled classes include the following:


All Levels:


Any student can attend, but students will work on different techniques according to their level.




Open to advanced students only. Higher-level combinations of techniques and power techniques are practiced in this class.




New students start with a series of private introductory lessons, after which they may attend these beginner classes. Beginner classes review all of the fundamentals taught in the introductory lessons, helping new members to continue to familiarize themselves with the basics before joining the All Levels class. Some beginners choose to go directly into All Levels class after their introductory private lessons.




This class focuses on learning and practicing traditional Taekwon-do forms. Our school is recognized as a world leader in traditional forms. Any forms-enthusiast will love this class.


Sparring Techniques:


This class reviews sparring tactics and strategies in a step-by-step format.


Sparring Sessions:


These are the light sparring, competition sparring and Full Range sparring classes offered by the Institute.


Children’s and Junior Classes:


We offer separate classes for kids at the Jae Hun Kim Taekwon-do Institute.


In addition to our regular classes, we offer training clinics at the Institute. Our clinics include Ho Shin Sool (self-defense techniques), Jumping Kicks, Women’s Self-Defense, Super Speed Techniques, Power Hand Techniques, and more.

Specialized Classes


We recognize that different people are interested in different facets of Taekwon-do. Therefore, our approach is to provide specialized classes that address the various aspects of the art. Students develop their training regimen based on their interests and preference. They get a sound foundation in the fundamentals of the art, while being encouraged to explore and determine the special areas of Taekwon-do they wish to focus on.



A good example of this approach is the way we conduct sparring classes at our school. We offer three types of sparring classes which appeal to students with varying interests and needs:


Light Sparring:


These sessions are quite light, designed to increase the student’s endurance and speed without involving hard physical contact. Everyone is well padded with protective equipment, and no contact to the face is allowed.


Competition Sparring:


This is Olympic-style sparring, which permits contact to targets above the waist. This training is given to our members only as an option, at no extra charge. Students who participate in these classes are interested in competing in Taekwon-do tournaments. The classes are augmented with endurance training sessions to help competitors reach and maintain their best physical condition.


Full Range Sparring:


The aim of this class is to develop one’s ability to use the full range of techniques taught at our school. Students who are interested in the practical use of Taekwon-do for self-defense love this class, as they are tested against various types of attacks. A simple way to explain Full Range Sparring class is that it is a “no rules” environment. However, the sessions are strictly supervised and controlled to ensure everyone’s safety. We want to keep this a fun learning experience where both men and women develop skill and confidence.

Balanced Training


The cultivation of a healthy body and a healthy mind go hand in hand. We believe in the balanced development of our students. Physically, this means exercising all of the muscles and strengthening the body systematically, both internally and externally. Mentally, this means developing self-control and self-discipline on a path to achieving inner harmony. The end result is an improvement in the quality of life, both physically and mentally, for Taekwon-do practitioners.


Taekwon-do, when practiced regularly and properly, helps individuals to maintain fitness and general physical wellbeing. Our aim is to impart wellness in our students by showing them how to prevent illness, by maintaining a fit and able body and mind that are better able to cope with the stresses and strains of daily life.


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