September 2017 – Mr. Kim’s Visit to South Korea

Mr. Kim visited South Korea September 7-11 to conduct promotion tests and seminars, including instructor training seminars attended by instructors from South Korea, China and Singapore.


June 2017 – Children's Competition

320 competitors and hundreds of spectators came to the Boston School for our 2017 U.S. Regional Championship.  It was fun and exciting, and a great learning experience for our young students.

May 2017 – 2017 Top Ranked Kukkiwon Do-Jang

Our school received the Kukkiwon Top Ranked Do-Jang designation for 2017. We appreciate this recognition from Kukkiwon, and we are committed to working even harder to further improve our school for all of our members.

April 2017 – Mr. Kim’s Visit to Singapore, Korea, and China

Mr. Kim visited Singapore, Korea and China to conduct classes for our students as well as seminars for instructors from those countries.  Mr. Kim also approved the opening of six new schools in Asia.

December 2016 – Year End Luncheon

On Saturday December 17th, members came together for our annual Year End Luncheon.

October 2016 - Mr. Kim's visit to Korea and China

Mr. Kim visited our branch schools in Ilsan, Korea and Shanghai, China from October 8th - 16th to conduct Black Belt promotion tests and seminars.  Mr. Kim also approved the opening of five additional schools in Asia during this trip.

June 2016 – Boston Dragon Boat Festival

Our Greater Boston demo team performed at the Dragon Boat Festival on June 12, 2016

April 2016 - Mr. Kim’s Visit to Korea and Singapore

Mr. Kim visited Korea and Singapore April 9th - April 17th, to conduct seminars and tests for our students in those countries.  Mr. Kim also approved two new locations, to open later this year, in Gunpo, South Korea and in Lenyang District of Shanghai, China.

November 2015 - Shanghai International Hanmadang

Members of Jae Hun Kim Taekwon-do Institute from the US, Asia and Europe came together at the school’s international Hanmadang in Shanghai, China on November 15, 2015.

October 2015 – U.S. Hanmadang

On October 24th, our Boston branch schools came together to perform in our 2015 U.S. Hanmadang. Friends and family came to watch the demonstrations and join in the festivities.

October 2015 – Mr. Kim’s Visit to Seattle

Mr. Kim conducted seminars in Seattle on October 18th as part of Seattle School’s 10th anniversary celebration.

September 2015 - Jed & Seonghee Visit

Seonghee and Jed Barron, who manage our two branch schools and 12 affiliate schools in Korea, were at the Boston headquarters for instructor training September 25th - 30th.

August 2015 - Visiting Instructors

Ms. Perrin, head of our Seattle branch, Mr. Jo from Shanghai, and Mr. Park from Korea, visited the Boston school August 7th-9th to receive instructor training from Grand Master Kim.

April 2015 - Mr. Kim’s Visit to Korea and Singapore

Mr. Kim conducted seminars, instructor training and promotion tests at our branch schools in Korea and Singapore April 3rd-14th. Mr. Kim also gave approval to open a new branch school in Sembawang, Singapore during the visit.

February 2015 - Ireland Instructors Visit

Six instructors from our school in Cork, Ireland, headed by Senior Master Cyril Mc Sweeney, visited the Boston Headquarters February 19th - 22nd and received intensive instructor training.

April 2014 - New Shanghai Branch

Mr. Kim conducted a number of seminars and tests in Shanghai, and opened our 3rd branch school there.

November 2012 - Kukkiwon Seminar

Mr. Kim was invited by Kukkiwon (Taekwondo World Headquarters) to speak to more than 500 Taekwondo school directors and instructors at the first Kukkiwon seminar of its kind held in Seoul, South Korea on the future direction of Taekwondo around the world.

September 2011 - Korea Taekwondo Association Seminar

The Korea Taekwondo Association (KTA) asked Mr. Kim to conduct a seminar for 100 school owners in Korea. The seminar was held on September 3rd, 2011 at the Korea National Sports University. The seminar facility could only hold 100 people, but 124 school owners crammed into the room, many of whom had to stand during the seminar. It is yet another indication of the respect Mr. Kim has in the Taekwon-do communities around the world.

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