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Testimonials From Our Members

“Tae Kwon Do means many different things to many different people. Although it loosely translates as the way of the hand and the foot, it combines training of the whole body with training of the mind. I love Tae Kwon Do because it offers a fantastic physical workout while challenging me to improve my mental focus and concentration. I believe that Tae Kwon Do has allowed me to achieve greater success as a clinician and researcher because of this cognitive training. I would encourage anyone interested in trying Tae Kwon Do to visit the school and learn about all the positive changes that regular martial arts training can provide in your life.”

-Chris G., M.D.

“I have never felt healthier in my life–and I was a lifelong runner. Taekwondo improves my strength, endurance, and balance. It’s inspiring and I love the people here.”

-Linda B.

“My son practically grew up at Jae H. Kim Taekwondo starting at age 6 and has been a member for over 9 years. In addition to all the mental and physical benefits of martial arts training, he has also learned valuable skills and traits over the years including perseverance, self-confidence, leadership and respect for others. He had the opportunity to give a demonstration at the Korea branch school and has met people from all over the world through the school. Grandmaster Kim’s method of teaching traditional taekwondo is renowned both here and abroad. All his instructors from top to bottom have been wonderful role models for my son. I highly recommend the school.”

-Caryl M.

“I first began TKD in fourth grade at the Quincy branch and studied there for two years, collecting many fond memories. Even at that young age, I could see the quality of technique Master Kim displayed and the discipline that the students showed in learning this art.

When I went off to university, I wanted to practice a martial art for the sake of doing art, for its aesthetic pleasure and for the benefits of exercise. There was much to be desired with regards to my university’s offerings, however. I knew that if I wanted to do real martial arts with quality instruction and serious students, I would have to first find a grand master passionate about his teachings. I visited the Jae Hun Kim Institute Boston branch in Fenway and it felt right to be there; it was home. (And somehow, Master Kim looks exactly as I remember him from when I was a little girl!) As a visitor, I was made to feel welcome by smiles from the students and as I watched a class, I was amazed by the technique students – children and adults alike, possessed.

I came to study at the institute because of Master Kim and stayed because of the world class TKD he offers. He is able to attract an amazing breadth of students who encourage and nurture each other as a community. This is why I’m here, this is why so many students are here, on their third… fourth…tenth…twenty-fifth years of TKD study under Master Kim’s teaching. Are also learning something’s we did not expect: how to act with courage and live with indomitable spirits.”

-Linda N.

“I’m always looking forward to my workouts at Jae H. Kim Taekwondo Institute. The Instructors sincerely care about your progress, the community is supportive, and the classes are a great opportunity to truly practice Taekwon-do techniques! Taekwon-do at this school has become one of my favorite activities throughout my week.”

-Lyle S.